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Minnesota Vikings Draft Survivor: Round Six

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Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The hunt for the. . .well, whatever the winner of Survivor generally gets. . .continues here at The Daily Norseman, as we enter Round Six of our Minnesota Vikings Draft Survivor competition. We have knocked five prospects out of contention thus far, and now just eight remain.

Once again, to review the rules (as we always do). . .when you vote in the poll below, you are not voting for the person that you want to see the Minnesota Vikings select with the #11 overall selection in the 2015 NFL Draft. You are voting for the prospect that you want to see get booted off of the virtual island and removed from consideration altogether. We will continue doing this until just one prospect remains, and that prospect will be declared the winner. (And, in all likelihood, will have no chance of getting drafted by actual Rick Spielman and the actual Vikings. That's just how these things go.)

So, cast your vote below and tell us who you would like to see get their (virtual) torch extinguished on our imaginary island in Minnesota Vikings Draft Survivor?