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2015 NFL Mock Draft: Miami Dolphins Select DeVante Parker

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We're nearly through with the first half of the 2015 Daily Norseman Community Mock Draft, as we're up to the fourteenth overall selection. This selection belongs to the Miami Dolphins, a team that the Vikings have done business with already this off-season with the acquisition of receiver Mike Wallace. Virtual GM SkolChad is in charge of things down on South Beach, and with this selection, he has decided to fill the hole that was created by Wallace's departure.

With the fourteenth pick in the 2015 Daily Norseman Community Mock Draft, the Miami Dolphins select. . .

DeVante Parker, wide receiver, University of Louisville

Here's what SkolChad had to say about the selection.

The Miami Dolphins have huge needs at receiver and corner. However, their pass defense was pretty good last year, so they can afford to address corner later in the draft. They have a much bigger need at receiver after trading away Mike Wallace. They need a tall guy to be a legitimate deep threat for their offense. Pairing Parker with newly acquired pieces in Kenny Stills and Jordan Cameron would be a good foundation for Ryan Tannehill to create a consistent offense for the future.

My Thoughts

I really like this selection for the Dolphins. Miami is convinced that Tannehill is the guy for them going forward, and they're going to surround him with weapons. Parker has drawn a lot of comparisons to current Bengals' wide receiver A.J. Green, but had some injury issues in college that kept him from putting up the kind of numbers you'd like to see from a potential #1 wide receiver. At 6'3" and about 210 pounds, he has the size and athletic ability to make an impact in the Miami offensive pretty early on.

What do you think of this pick, folks?

Pick Team General Manager Pick
1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers kwarren3 Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon
2 Tennessee Titans BVB fan Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama
3 Jacksonville Jaguars n s Leonard Williams, DT, Southern Cal
4 Oakland Raiders DrivableGuide9 Dante Fowler, DE, Florida
5 Washington Redskins tep4 Vic Beasley, OLB, Clemson
6 New York Jets cycloneallnightlong Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State
7 Chicago Bears lateefthetruthspeaker Danny Shelton, DT, Washington
8 Atlanta Falcons berg03 Alvin Dupree, DE, Kentucky
9 New York Giants thecraphead Randy Gregory, DE, Nebraska
10 St. Louis Rams VikesFanatic La'el Collins, OL, LSU
11 Minnesota Vikings e.vogel15 Marcus Peters, CB, Washington
12 Cleveland Browns Wayne Joseph Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia
13 New Orleans Saints Austin Blanch Brandon Scherff, OT, Iowa
14 Miami Dolphins SkolChad DeVante Parker, WR, Louisville
15 San Francisco 49ers Malte
16 Houston Texans Vikes4lyfe
17 San Diego Chargers MDFDisc
18 Kansas City Chiefs Zach_The_Gamecock
19 Cleveland Browns (from Buffalo) Wayne Joseph
20 Philadelphia Eagles AVeazey24
21 Cincinnati Bengals misterloveSKOL
22 Pittsburgh Steelers Typically Lazy
23 Detroit Lions just_rob
24 Arizona Cardinals Siberia101
25 Carolina Panthers SweetTooth
26 Baltimore Ravens lmoe12
27 Dallas Cowboys paulser21
28 Denver Broncos SpencerN
29 Indianapolis Colts CCNorseman
30 Green Bay Packers CCHOF5yearstoolate
31 New Orleans Saints (from Seattle) Austin Blanch
32 New England Patriots raging_cloner