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Now Your Takes Can Be Even Hotter

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We know that, around these parts, the takes (or taeks, depending on your source) are generally of the hot variety. Now, thanks to the folks turning the proverbial wrenches at SB Nation, you can now show just how hot you think your takes are.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. . .you are now able to use emoji in the comments of all of the stories, FanPosts, etc. on The Daily Norseman and across the SB Nation family of websites.

All of the emoji. . .emojis. . .emojii. . .all of the different pictures from this Emoji Cheat Sheet are able to be used in the comments. Yes, even the ones that look like piles of fecal matter. And the cheat sheet that's linked there allows you to copy and paste the appropriate code for the emoji you want in order to make things easier for you.

As it stands right now, the ability to use emoji is sort of like the GIF Oracle. It's on. . .for now. . .but it can be turned on and off if things get too crazy. So, use your emoji wisely, and only for good and not for evil.

Enjoy the new feature, everybody!