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Minnesota Vikings Draft Survivor: Marcus Peters Eliminated

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Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

In one of the less surprising results of our Minnesota Vikings Draft Survivor contest, the guy that was selected by the team in our Community Mock Draft will not win this competition.

Washington cornerback Marcus Peters was the runaway winner of Round Eight of voting in our competition. He received just under half of all the votes cast, going home with 48% of the vote. The next closest player was West Virginia wide receiver Kevin White, who garnered 23% of the 1,196 votes cast. DeVante Parker, wide receiver out of Louisville, had the third-highest vote total this time around, picking up 13% of the vote.

Alabama wide receiver Amari Cooper was, once again, the low man in the voting with 4%. Iowa offensive lineman Brandon Scherff was right behind him with 5%, and Michigan State cornerback Trae Waynes wound up with 9% of the vote in Round Eight.

So, we are down to the final five in our competition, and only one defensive player left among them. Round Nine of the voting will get underway shortly.