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Report: Minnesota Vikings Seeking First Round Pick And More For Adrian Peterson

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Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Throughout the entire process of what's gone on with Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings since September, the team has remained adamant about not trading him away. So far, all of the rumors that have been thrown out there concerning Peterson's potential availability have centered around the Vikings receiving a second round pick.

Apparently. . .and quite rightly. . .they want more.

ESPN's Adam Caplan has reported on the four-letter that the Vikings want a first-round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. . ."and more compensation."

In the video, Caplan says that the Vikings want a first round pick and a starting player in any potential trade for Peterson. More specifically, Caplan says that the Vikings want a starting cornerback as part of any compensation they would receive for Peterson. According to Caplan, the Vikings have identified their top need as a cornerback and want to fill that spot in any deal of this nature.

The teams that have been identified as potential trade partners for Peterson. . .specifically the Arizona Cardinals, the Dallas Cowboys, and (as a late entry into the fracas) the Oakland Raiders. . .don't really appear to have anyone that would qualify for that sort of compensation, if that's indeed what the Vikings want. I can't envision the Cardinals parting with the 24th overall pick and Patrick Peterson in order to acquire Adrian Peterson's services, and none of the cornerbacks from Dallas or Oakland really do anything for me, to be honest.

I'm not sure how many teams in the NFL could offer the Vikings the sort of package that Caplan is reporting that they're looking for and give Peterson the sort of contract guarantees that he apparently wants. And, if no team is able to step up and give the Vikings what they want. . .well, Ben Dogra be damned, it looks like Peterson's best interests (and, quite frankly, his only interests) may lie in playing with the Minnesota Vikings after all.