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2015 Daily Norseman Community Mock Draft Communication Hub

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Hey, all. . .the main purpose of this post is to help keep track of who has submitted their picks and that sort of thing. Behind the scenes, we're already on the fourth pick of the draft, which is pretty awesome.

Also, I said that I would get in contact with folks through the address they signed up for The Daily Norseman with. However, some folks did not sign up with an e-mail address (having signed up through FaceBook or Google+ or something) and, hence, I have no way to contact them at this point. So, I would like to ask that folks get in contact with me through my e-mail address (dailynorseman at GMail dot com) so that I can keep you appraised on what's going on so far.

With that, here is a full list of when picks are due, who has submitted their picks, and who we're waiting on.

UPDATE: I have bumped this back up so that folks can be reminded of when they're up.

Pick Team General Manager Pick Due To Commissioner Pick Status
1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers kwarren3 3 April In!
2 Tennessee Titans BVB fan 3 April In!
3 Jacksonville Jaguars n s 4 April In!
4 Oakland Raiders DrivableGuide9 4 April In!
5 Washington Redskins tep4 5 April In!
6 New York Jets cycloneallnightlong 5 April In!
7 Chicago Bears lateefthetruthspeaker 6 April In!
8 Atlanta Falcons berg03 6 April In!
9 New York Giants thecraphead 7 April In!
10 St. Louis Rams VikesFanatic 7 April In!
11 Minnesota Vikings e.vogel15 10 April In!
12 Cleveland Browns Wayne Joseph 10 April In!
13 New Orleans Saints Austin Blanch 11 April In!
14 Miami Dolphins SkolChad 11 April In!
15 San Francisco 49ers Malte 12 April In!
16 Houston Texans Vikes4lyfe 12 April In!
17 San Diego Chargers MDFDisc 13 April In!
18 Kansas City Chiefs Zach_The_Gamecock 13 April In!
19 Cleveland Browns (from Buffalo) Wayne Joseph 14 April In!
20 Philadelphia Eagles AVeazey24 14 April In!
21 Cincinnati Bengals misterloveSKOL 17 April In!
22 Pittsburgh Steelers Typically Lazy 17 April In!
23 Detroit Lions just_rob 18 April In!
24 Arizona Cardinals Siberia101 18 April In!
25 Carolina Panthers SweetTooth 19 April
26 Baltimore Ravens lmoe12 19 April
27 Dallas Cowboys paulser21 20 April
28 Denver Broncos SpencerN 20 April
29 Indianapolis Colts CCNorseman 21 April
30 Green Bay Packers CCHOF5yearstoolate 21 April
31 New Orleans Saints (from Seattle) Austin Blanch 24 April
32 New England Patriots raging_cloner 24 April