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Vikings Offseason Workout Dates

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Things get started for the Vikings pretty quickly...

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

All 32 teams' off-season workout dates have been announced, and the Vikings will get their off season program underway on Monday, April 20th.  Hat-tip to the folks at Star Tribune, who posted all the dates.

The first set of off season workouts will be voluntary and the dates are as follows:

April 20th

May 26th-28th

June 2nd-4th

June 8th-11th

The first mandatory mini-camp is scheduled for June 16th-18th, and interesting side-note, Adrian Peterson is contractually obligated to attend (as are all members of the Minnesota Vikings).  No, fans cannot attend the off-season workouts, but the local beat writers should have plenty of content to push out around these dates for our consumption.  Unfortunately, training camp dates have not been announced yet.