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Rick Spielman Tendencies – A Mock Draft

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"I'm not're the one that's crazy"...bonus points for the musical reference*.

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The folks over at Vikings Territory have been cranking out great stuff lately, and one the latest is a look at Rick Spielman's drafting tendencies.  It's essentially a top 10 list of things Rick Spielman tends to do in his NFL drafts.  And I thought, what better way to construct a Vikings Mock Draft than to try to incorporate as many of these tendencies as possible?  It would be a good idea to go ahead and give that article a quick read, before you venture forward into this mock draft...

First Round: 11th overall selection - TRADED to the Cleveland Browns for the 12th overall selection and their 5th round draft choice (#188 Overall)

First Round: 12th Overall Selection - WR DeVante Parker, Louisville

Justification: Basically, Spielman has traded back one spot with Cleveland in two of the last three drafts, and there they are yet again, one spot after us.  Spielman has also been pretty aggressive taking offensive skill position players in the first few rounds of the draft, so I'm killing two birds with one stone by trading back AND drafting an offensive skill position player.  This could easily be Amari Cooper if he falls instead of DeVante Parker, but so far the Vikings have met with Parker and not Cooper.

First Round: 31st Overall Selection - TRADED with Seattle, gave up our 45th overall selection and 110th to move up for - CB Marcus Peters, Washington

Justification: Spielman has traded up in the early rounds of draft frequently and why not make an almost identical trade with Vikings West, Seattle again?  After passing on Trae Waynes earlier in the first, they jump up to grab a falling Marcus Peters.  Sounds eerily familiar, doesn't it Harrison Smith and Teddy Bridgewater?

Third Round: 76th overall selection - RB David Cobb, Minnesota

Justification: Spielman doesn't draft offensive skill positions after round 4, so this is the last chance to grab a running back.  I almost went with David Johnson here out of UNI (Homer Pick Alert!), but I went with the home town favorite...just for the brownie points.  Even if Adrian Peterson plays for the Vikings this season, the Vikings will be in need of another running back sooner rather than later.

Fifth Round: 137th overall selection (from Tampa Bay via Buffalo) - OG Shaq Mason, Georgia Tech

Justification: Spielman likes to take offensive lineman in the 5th and 6th rounds, so this is the sweet spot for a guard, especially since we don't have a 6th round pick.  Bonus: the Vikings reportedly showed interest in Shaq Mason and interviewed him.

Fifth Round: 188th overall selection (from Cleveland) - OLB Jake Ryan, Michigan

Justification: At this point in the draft, Spielman typically looks to go defense, and the next biggest hole on defense to fill is at the linebacker position.  He could also be looking for injury fliers right around this time, so if guys like David Tull or Cedric Reed fall this far, that would be a prime Spielman candidate to scoop up.

Seventh round: 228th overall selection - ILB Zach Vigil, Utah State

Justification: Spielman has taken a linebacker in the 7th round in three straight drafts, so we're going to make it four in a row.  Vigil has the prototypical size, but comes from a small school, something that fellow 7th rounder Audie Cole has in common.

Seventh round: 232nd overall selection (from San Francisco via Miami) - P Kyle Loomis, Portland State

Justification: With Jeff Locke being graded as one of the worst punters in the NFL two years in a row, it's certainly possible Spielman invests yet another draft pick on one.  He's spent two draft picks on kickers already, so there is a light trend there.  Loomis is one of the top rated punters in the draft.

*Oh, here's the reference:

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