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Giving Charles Johnson Some Serious Props Off The Field

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Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

In a very short amount of time last season, wide receiver Charles Johnson made a pretty big impression on the Minnesota Vikings' passing game. Now, as he goes through his first offseason with the team, he's starting to make an impression on the surrounding community as well.

By now, you've probably seen the story on the news about a young girl from Shakopee named Mackenzie Moretter. Mackenzie was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Sotos Syndrome when she was just a year old. Sotos Syndrome is a rare disorder that causes people to grow at a faster rate than other people their age.

Mackenzie was set to have her 10th birthday party this past weekend. . .her birthday is actually this coming Tuesday. But in the days leading up to the party, nobody had accepted the invitations that were sent out. So her mother took to social media and put what amounted to an open invitation out there. The result?

Mackenzie celebrated her tenth birthday with a party catered by Sam's Club and Mr. Pig Stuff barbecue. Oh, and about 300 of her new closest friends, including Charles Johnson and his family.

Quite the nice gesture by Johnson, and everybody that came out to help young Mackenzie celebrate to make her party one that she won't forget.

And a big Happy Birthday to Mackenzie for her big day tomorrow!