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Minnesota Vikings Draft Survivor: Kevin White Eliminated

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Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

It took nine rounds of voting in order to make it happen, but we've finally eliminated a wide receiver from consideration in our Minnesota Vikings Draft Survivor competition.

Kevin White, the speedster out of West Virginia, received a healthy percentage of the vote in Round Nine of the voting, and has had his virtual torch extinguished as the tribe made their voice loud and clear. Of the 1,443 votes that were cast, White took home 624 of them, or around 43%.

Another wide receiver finished in the runner-up position, as DeVante Parker of Louisville. . .did you know he played with Teddy Bridgewater in college. . .received 339 votes, or around 23%. The lone defensive player remaining, Michigan State cornerback Trae Waynes, came in third at 18%. Iowa offensive lineman Brandon Scherff was in fourth with 10% of the vote, and Alabama wide receiver Amari Cooper was the low man on the totem pole once again with just 5% of the vote.

So, we've reached the final four of our competition, ladies and gentlemen. Voting for the next round will be opening up here shortly.