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Minnesota Vikings Draft Survivor: DeVante Parker Eliminated

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Andy Lyons/Getty Images

For the second round in a row, the Daily Norseman faithful have taken a wide receiver prospect and kicked them off of our virtual island.

This time around, the victim was Teddy Bridgewater's college teammate from Louisville, DeVante Parker. Of the 1,677 votes cast, Parker came away with 691 votes, or right around 41% of the pie. Michigan State cornerback Trae Waynes was the runner-up this round with 28% of the vote (462 votes), while Iowa offensive lineman Brandon Scherff finished in third place with 17% (279 votes) and Alabama wide receiver Amari Cooper was the low man once again with 15% (245 votes).

So, we've eliminated ten people, leaving us with just three prospects at three different positions. Cooper, Scherff, and Waynes will do battle in the semifinals of our Minnesota Vikings Draft Survivor competition, which will be kicking off here shortly.

Thank you to everyone that's participated in our contest so far. We're almost to the end!