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Looking At ESPN's Schedule Predictions For The Minnesota Vikings

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Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

After the NFL schedule was released on Tuesday, the writers from ESPN's network of football sites went through and predicted how the team they covered would do in 2015. Now, granted, it's ridiculously freaking early for this sort of thing, but it gives us something to look at.

Ben Goessling, who does a fine job covering our favorite team for the four-letter, predicted a 9-7 finish for the Vikings in 2015. How does that compare to how the writers for the Vikings' opponents think they'll do against the Vikings this coming season? Well, let's compare the two.

Week Opponent Goessling's Prediction Opposing Writer Prediction
1 at San Francisco 49ers Vikings 24, 49ers 17 (1-0) 49ers 23, Vikings 20 (0-1)
2 Detroit Lions Lions 17, Vikings 13 (1-1) Vikings 35, Lions 24 (1-1)
3 San Diego Chargers Vikings 28, Chargers 24 (2-1) Vikings 23, Chargers 21 (2-1)
4 at Denver Broncos Broncos 31, Vikings 20 (2-2) Broncos 27, Vikings 10 (2-2)
6 Kansas City Chiefs Vikings 23, Chiefs 14 (3-2) Chiefs 24, Vikings 17 (2-3)
7 at Detroit Lions Lions 26, Vikings 20 (3-3) Lions 31, Vikings 20 (2-4)
8 at Chicago Bears Vikings 24, Bears 14 (4-3) Bears 21, Vikings 17 (2-5)
9 St. Louis Rams Vikings 30, Rams 17 (5-3) Vikings 30, Rams 13 (3-5)
10 at Oakland Raiders Vikings 24, Raiders 10 (6-3) Raiders 24, Vikings 23 (3-6)
11 Green Bay Packers Packers 21, Vikings 17 (6-4) Packers 24, Vikings 21 (3-7)
12 at Atlanta Falcons Vikings 34, Falcons 27 (7-4) Vikings 20, Falcons 17 (4-7)
13 Seattle Seahawks Seahawks 24, Vikings 13 (7-5) Seahawks 34, Vikings 16 (4-8)
14 at Arizona Cardinals Cardinals 20, Vikings 14 (7-6) Cardinals 41, Vikings 21 (4-9)
15 Chicago Bears Vikings 27, Bears 17 (8-6) Vikings 25, Bears 21 (5-9)
16 New York Giants Vikings 21, Giants 17 (9-6) Vikings 20, Giants 17 (6-9)
17 at Green Bay Packers Packers 24, Vikings 20 (9-7) Packers 42, Vikings 10 (6-10)

A couple of the predictions from the opposing writers are a bit on the laughable side. . .unless the Cardinals are bringing Kurt Warner back to play quarterback, I don't see them putting up a 40-spot on the Vikings. Don't see the Packers doing it, either, for that matter. Goessling's predictions only have the Vikings giving up more than 30 points once all season (against Peyton Manning and company in Denver) and, with the defense that Mike Zimmer and company are putting together, that seems like a much more reasonable prediction. Sort of makes me wonder how many of these folks that are predicting big point totals for teams playing the Vikings are even paying attention.

Obviously, my tendency is to lean more towards Goessling's prediction than that of the other opposing writers. Frankly, I don't think the Vikings get swept by Detroit or Green Bay this season, and that they will finally break their most recent Soldier Field drought. Of course, this being the Vikings, they'll probably lose at least one game that they have no business losing. . .yeah, you're looking at the game at Oakland, too. . .so I'll split the difference a bit with Goessling and predict 10-6 for the Vikings as things stand right now. A 10-6 team missed the playoffs last year in the NFC, but at the very least, the Vikings should be competing for a playoff berth all season long.

A lot can change in four months, obviously, but that's what I see right now. What does everyone else think?