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Family Guy Fires A Shot At Adrian Peterson, Vikings

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Have to give a hat tip to the folks over at The Viking Age for having this one first. . .or, at the very least, being the ones with a decent quality video of it.

The show Family Guy lampoons a number of different subject, and on their most recent episode, they set their sights on the Minnesota Vikings. . .more specifically, as you might expect, on running back Adrian Peterson. The video is shown above. If you're not familiar with the way Family Guy works, or you're easily offended, you might want to avoid it.

Personally, even as someone that hasn't been entirely (or even marginally) pleased with Peterson's conduct or the way he and his agent have handled this, I don't think that the joke is particularly funny. It's not "funny ha-ha" or "funny edgy," it's just. . .there. But, as Dan Zinski rightfully points out, this is how Peterson. . .and, by extension, the Vikings. . .are seen by people that aren't fans of the team. And as long as Peterson is on the team, these sorts of things will continue.

There's still a chance that the Vikings will trade Peterson away, though I would think any trade that might materialize would have to come down within the next couple of days. I say that because a contract restructure would have to be involved and that's not really something you could pull off on draft night. But, if they don't, this is something that fans of the Vikings are going to have to get used to.