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So, What Are We Doing For The Draft?

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We're finally just a couple of days away from the 2015 NFL Draft, and as we've done every year, we're going to do our best to bring you the best coverage of what the Minnesota Vikings are doing from Radio City Music Hall the Auditorium Theater of Roosevelt University. (Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.)

Well, yours truly will be sitting here behind the 0s and 1s keeping track of all the Vikings' moves both here on the site and via the Daily Norseman's Twitter account. I'm probably even going to take a stab at a live blog for at least the first round. I'll see how it goes for the first day and see if we're going to continue it for Days Two and Three.

Just as we've had the past few years, we will have two folks at Winter Park for you to follow that will be keeping the Purple Pulse for you. Eric will be there, and Arif will be covering the draft for us this year as well. We'll have both of their Twitter feeds embedded in the Open Threads that we'll have up for your discussion purposes.

In addition, Skol Girl will have things moving along on the Daily Norseman FaceBook page, which you should really hit the "Like" button on if you haven't already.

The first Open Thread will drop about an hour before the start of the first round. We'll be doing our best to monitor those to make sure the comments don't get out of control and/or cause things to slow down for anyone that might be getting their information from us.

But that's what we've got going on for the 2015 NFL Draft, ladies and gentlemen. We hope that you'll enjoy everything we've got here for you this year.