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Norse Code Podcast Episode 70: Special Guest Luke Inman in a Draft Preview-Palooza

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Also we attempt to parse Spielman's many words.

This is probably one of our best episodes ever, which may not be saying much (especially because we really liked our last episode, too), but I think it's really worth a listen. Fantastic stuff from Luke Inman (@Luke_Spinman) from eDraft joins us and gives us not just player breakdowns, but an understanding of draft strategy, the landscape of this year's class and what Spielman may have been talking about in his presser.

*****Download Link Here*****

Not a lot of episode notes this week either. It was a pretty free-flowing conversation without reference to any specific article or event. You can watch the Spielman presser yourself at I think the biggest takeaway was the sale of the 11th pick.

Of note, we mentioned a lot of Rick Spielman tendencies. Rick Boser did a guest spot at Vikings Territory that was excellent in this regard.

Adam Warwas has a new mock draft. I did one with a bunch of writers at Bleacher Report as well.

I have a refresher on the most recent rumors as of a few days ago here. I also did some writing about some utterly insane moves the Vikings could make during the draft. Who knows?

We'll have the consensus board up at Vikings Territory soon. We've incorporated 41 different big boards to create a massive mega-board. Hopefully it's helpful.

Remember, you can download the mp3 above by clicking on the "Download Link here" thing right below the audio player.

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