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Cris Carter Hints At Potential Adrian Peterson Trade

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It's draft day, folks. . .you know, if you weren't already aware. . .and if anything is going to happen with running back Adrian Peterson, it's likely going to happen tonight. We now, apparently, have one source that thinks that something is going to happen.

Cris Carter, former Minnesota Vikings' wide receiver, was on ESPN's Mike & Mike show this morning live from the NFL Draft in Chicago, and dropped the following tidbit.

Since the audio is a little low, the exact quote is this:

I'm under a gag order on the Adrian Peterson situation. But I believe something's gonna happen. But I can't talk about it.

(You use that phrase "gag order." I don't believe that it means what you believe that it means.)

Now, I'm sure that everyone that has dismissed everything else about Adrian Peterson potentially being traded will simply blow this off as Carter not knowing what he's talking about and whatever else. But really. . .this isn't some random schmoe that doesn't know anything. This is a guy with deep and long-standing connections to the team.

I'm not sure how big the fire is, but Cris Carter seems to think that there's some smoke there, at the very least.