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2015 NFL Draft: First Round Live Commentary and Open Thread

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

In just one hour. . .ONE MORE HOUR. . .the 2015 NFL Draft will be getting underway from Chicago. This is the first draft that Chicago has hosted the NFL Draft since 1963, and if everything we've seen leading up to this has been accurate, we're up for a pretty wild night.

As this is a post that people might be coming to for information, I would like to ask that there not be any GIFs or oversized images included in this thread that will cause things to bog down. Things are likely going to bog down as it is, and a bunch of GIFs and huge images are likely only going to make it worse.

We have two folks on location at Winter Park for the duration of the draft, as both Eric and Arif will be on the scene. Both of their Twitter feeds are embedded below for your reading pleasure.

I'll also be doing a live blog of the first round right here. (I was going to do a separate thread, but I'll just do it here instead.) You'll have to refresh in order to get the newest stuff. I'll start commenting shortly before the first round gets underway.

All the mock drafts and all the workouts and all of the debates have finally brought us to this, ladies and gentlemen. Let's see what the Minnesota Vikings (and some other teams, I guess) do in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft!

Running Live Commentary Starts Here

6:10 PM Central - Just checking the functionality on some of this stuff so that I make sure I'm doing it properly. Although if you want a rumor, apparently the Eagles are trying to trade up to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' #1 overall pick. See, when you're Chip Kelly, you can make trades like this knowing that, if it blows up in the NFL, you can walk onto basically any college campus in America and name your price.

6:15 PM Central - Oh, and if we get to a number of comments where a second thread is warranted, I'll move the commentary over there and drop a link here. Remember, refresh occasionally for updates.

Also, we have a live show! Check it out!

This is a preview show. There will be a recap show at 10 PM Central.

6:30 PM Central - We are half an hour away! Apparently the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles are trying to move up to the #2 overall pick, but the Bears want to throw Jay Cutler into any deal and, well, the Titans aren't interested in taking Cutler on. I know, I'm as shocked as you are.

6:50 PM - J-Dog asked in the comments, but I want to put it here, too. Please don't go "spoiling" picks before they get made. If people want spoilers, there are plenty of places that they can go to on Twitter or wherever.


7:00 PM - We've made it, folks! The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are ON THE CLOCK!

7:12 PM - Tampa Bay selects Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston. This is about as drama-free a selection as we're going to see the rest of the evening, I think. Tennessee on the clock at #2.

Reminder. . .Jameis Winston will make his NFL debut (preseason) against the Minnesota Vikings at TCF Bank Stadium on 15 August.

7:19 PM - After reportedly receiving a ton of offers, the Tennessee Titans decided to stay put and take Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota. Can't argue too much about this, but I'd like to hear what, exactly, some of the offers were. Perhaps we'll find out throughout the course of the evening.

Jacksonville Jaguars on the clock now. I have Dante Fowler here, but they could go a few different directions.

7:24 PM - Well, that didn't take long. The Jaguars get their pick in quickly and take Fowler. Nice pick for them, I think.

Now we have the Oakland Raiders. I have Leonard Williams in my mock draft, but Amari Cooper is a distinct possibility here, too.

7:33 PM - And I finally get my first pick wrong, as the Raiders go with Cooper to help Derek Carr over Williams. Can't argue too much with that pick, either.

Now, the Washington Redskins are on the clock, and they have to be ecstatic that Leonard Williams has fallen to 5. . .either so they can take him or get a ton of picks in trade.

7:36 PM - And Washington. . .passes on Leonard Williams to take Iowa offensive lineman Brandon Scherff. Well, I had Scherff going to the Redskins in my mock draft. . .of course, Williams wasn't available in my scenario. And I love Scherff, but I don't get taking him over Williams.

So now we have the J-E-T-S New York Jets on the clock, without the usual cascade of boos that accompanies their pick when the draft happens at Radio City Music Hall.

7:45 PM - And the Jets save us from Leonard Williams going to the Chicago Bears by taking him themselves. That defensive line is going to be ridiculous for Todd Bowles. Can the #6 overall pick be a steal? Because that's what this is.

And the Chicago Bears are the first NFC North team on the clock tonight.

7:52 PM - And the Bears are attempting to make up for the loss of Brandon Marshall by taking the second wide receiver of the night, Kevin White out of West Virginia. This is a pretty solid pick for them. . .frankly, I'm still glad that Williams didn't fall to them.

We're getting closer to Minnesota's pick, as we're now up to the Atlanta Falcons at #8 overall! If they want a pass rusher, both Vic Beasley and Alvin Dupree are there for the taking.

7:59 PM - And Beasley is, indeed, the pick for the Falcons. I know a lot of folks were hoping that he would fall to Minnesota, but Dan Quinn and company have grabbed him.

We're a quarter of the way through Round One and we haven't seen any trades yet. I don't know if that's a good thing for our favorite team or not. But the New York Giants are on the clock right now.

8:05 PM - And the Giants wind up going on the offensive side with Miami tackle Ereck Flowers. The Giants needed o-line help, and they must have liked Flowers. Not sure if that's the pick I would have made.

The St. Louis Rams are on the clock, and Adam Schefter says that there's a surprise coming.

8:11 PM - And the Rams do give us a shock by taking Georgia running back Todd Gurley. Well. . .can honestly say that neither I nor anyone else (I don't think) saw that coming. But they weren't going defense. . .they could just as well take a chance on the best running back prospect to come out in a while.

And now the Minnesota Vikings are ON THE CLOCK!

8:18 PM - And the Vikings go ahead and anger the majority of their fans by taking Trae Waynes, cornerback out of Michigan State. I thought for sure we were going to get our first trade of the night, but apparently Rick Spielman couldn't get what he liked, so Waynes is the selection. We have more on Waynes right here.

8:33 PM - Sorry for the delay. The Cleveland Browns grabbed defensive tackle Danny Shelton while I was getting stuff posted on Trae Waynes. My apologies.

8:36 PM - The New Orleans Saints grab Stanford offensive tackle Andrus Peat. And rather than analyze that, this seems like a good time to declare a new Open Thread. You can hit that up right here.

We'll see you over there, ladies and gentlemen!