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2015 NFL Draft: La'el Collins Agent Trying To Remove Him From Draft

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

There's some pretty big news that has just come across on the NFL Draft front, courtesy of Jay Glazer from Fox Sports.

LSU offensive lineman La'el Collins, who could potentially have been in play for the Minnesota Vikings at #11, is now attempting to have his name removed from consideration for this draft entirely.

Collins' name has recently surfaced in the investigation of the shooting death of a woman named Brittany Mills in Louisiana.

On Tuesday, NFL general managers were informed about the situation according to ( reporter Ian) Rapoport. Included in the note to GMs was information that a woman Collins knew, Mills, was murdered. Mills was pregnant and the baby survived. Collins is not a suspect, and the police were trying to determine parental responsibility. The note said that Collins had not contacted Mills since September.

Mills, 29, was eight months pregnant. The child survived and remains under medical care. Police do not know the identity of the child's father.

The plan is, apparently, for Collins to attempt to pull out of the draft for this year and get himself exonerated in time to enter the Supplemental Draft this summer.

Collins was in Chicago for this evening's draft, but has returned to Baton Rouge in order to talk to the police, but they are not ready to meet with him at this time.

From a purely football perspective, this is obviously causing Collins' stock to tank, with several teams calling him "untouchable." Hence the reason that Collins and his agent are trying to get him removed from this draft. Obviously, this is much bigger than that.

If anything further comes out on this story, we'll add an update to this post.