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2015 NFL Draft: First Round Live Commentary and Open Thread Part Deux

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Well, we had enough comments and what not in our original Open Thread that we needed a second one. Once again, here are the live feeds from Arif and Eric, both of whom are over at Winter Park where all the action is.

It's been a pretty interesting night so far, ladies and gentlemen, and it isn't showing any signs of slowing down.

A couple of things that we're bringing over from the previous thread.

-No GIFs
-No huge pictures
-No spoiling of picks (though posting of rumors, conjecture, etc. are okay)

Here's how the picks have gone so far:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State
Tennessee Titans - Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon
Jacksonville Jaguars - Dante Fowler, DE, Florida
Oakland Raiders - Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama
Washington Redskins - Brandon Scherff, OL, Iowa
New York Jets - Leonard Williams, DT, Southern Cal
Chicago Bears - Kevin White, WR, West Virginia
Atlanta Falcons - Vic Beasley, LB, Clemson
New York Giants - Ereck Flowers, OT, Miami (FL)
St. Louis Rams - Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia
Minnesota Vikings - Trae Waynes, CB, Michigan State (story here)
Cleveland Browns - Danny Shelton, DT, Washington
New Orleans Saints - Andrus Peat, OT, Stanford

The first round of the 2015 NFL Draft continues here at The Daily Norseman. After what Rick Spielman has done the last three years with moving back into the first round, everyone should know not to tune out until #32 is announced for this evening. Will we get some more purple and gold drama from the Minnesota Vikings again this year? Well, there's only one way to find out.

We hope you're enjoying the draft coverage so far, ladies and gentlemen, because it's going to continue all weekend long.

Live Commentary Starts Right Here

8:43 PM - The Miami Dolphins grabbed a player that I had mocked to them, that being Louisville wide receiver DeVante Parker. Yeah, it would have been cool to see him in Minnesota, but it didn't turn out that way. Best of luck to him down in Miami.

And we have our first trade of the evening, as the San Diego Chargers have moved up from #17 to #15 in a trade with the San Francisco 49ers. The Chargers give up a fourth-round pick (#117 overall) and a 2016 fifth-round selection to move up two spots. Are they moving up for Melvin Gordon with Gurley off the board?

8:48 PM - Yes, that's exactly what they did. . .the Chargers take running back Melvin Gordon at #15. I'm not sure why the Chargers felt they needed to move up there. It's not as though the Niners or the Houston Texans (who are on the clock now) were going to take him. But they did, so there you go.

8:58 PM - And the Houston Texans. . .who apparently were thinking about taking Melvin Gordon after all (per some sources I've seen on the Twitter), instead select Wake Forest cornerback Kevin Johnson. Not a bad pick. . .kind of surprised they didn't go with Alvin Dupree, but that's the direction they went.

9:00 PM - Okay, I think I'm caught up. The 49ers are back on the clock, and they go with Oregon defensive tackle Arik Armstead. The Niners need some guys on that defense, and Armstead's upside is tremendous. If the Niners can get him to go hard all the time, I think Armstead pays huge dividends for them.

9:07 PM - And the Chargers' AFC West rivals, the Kansas City Chiefs, decide to gamble on Washington cornerback Marcus Peters and his myriad of issues. He was thrown off the team this past year, and has a whole lot of red flags. He's got first-round talent. . .we'll see if he can keep his head on straight.

9:20 PM - A couple of picks to catch up on. . .the Browns had their second pick of the first round (the one they got from the Buffalo Bills in the Sammy Watkins deal) and selected Florida State center Cameron Erving. After that, the Philadelphia Eagles. . .who have been shockingly quiet. . .selected USC wide receiver Nelson Agholor with pick #20.

I was slow on the draw because I was typing up something from Rick Spielman at Winter Park that said that the team probably wouldn't be trading back into Round One this year.

9:26 PM - The Cincinnati Bengals, the first of last season's playoff teams to make a selection in this year's draft, give a bit of a surprise and select Texas A&M offensive lineman Cedric Ogubehi. He was projected to go in the first round and tore his ACL in the Aggies' bowl game this year, but wound up in the first round after all. I thought he'd fall to the second round, but the Bengals liked him quite a bit, apparently.

The Bengals' AFC North rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers, are now on the clock.

9:32 PM - Steelers go with Alvin Dupree. Pretty solid pick for them, I think. . .I had Dupree going at #8 in my mock draft to the Atlanta Falcons, so for the Steelers to get him at #22 is pretty impressive. He's a bit raw, but he's got a chance to make an impact in Pittsburgh.

And we have just our second trade of the evening, as the Denver Broncos have moved up from #28 to #23 in a trade with the Detroit Lions. We'll have to see what Peyton Manning's team has in store for us with this pick. The Broncos gave up a fifth-rounder this year (#156 overall) and a fifth-round pick next year to move up five spots. The Lions also get offensive lineman Manny Ramirez, who started his career in Detroit.

9:37 PM - The Broncos take Missouri defensive end Shane Ray. Cue the eight million SHANE RAY GOES TO COLORADO WHERE WEED IS LEGAL jokes. I'm not sure how Ray fits into Denver's defense, but he's a pretty good value at this spot, I think. And for Ray to still go in the first round after what happened is. . .well, it's something.

9:42 PM - The Arizona Cardinals. . .or, as we know them, potential Adrian Peterson destination #1. . .are officially on the clock. And with Gurley and Gordon gone, they do not go running back (not surprisingly), but take an offensive lineman, D.J. Humphries out of Florida. So, I guess we're waiting on the Dallas Cowboys in a few picks.

In the meantime, the Carolina Panthers are on the clock now.

9:46 PM - And the Carolina Panthers take one of my personal favorites, as they snag Washington linebacker Shaq Thompson. Good pick for them. . .I know he's a "tweener" of a different sort, but I think he's going to be something special in the NFL for some reason. Maybe I'm wrong, but I liked the guy.

9:52 PM - There's a bit of a back-up in the pick announcements. . .we know the picks through #27, but we just had #25 announced. I know who the picks at 26 and 27 are (and so do you if you're on the Twitters, I'm guessing) and I'll just say. . .if you were expecting an Adrian Peterson trade tonight, it might be time to go to bed.

9:55 PM - The Baltimore Ravens, selecting at #26, do their best to try to replace Torrey Smith by taking Central Florida wide receiver Breshad Perriman. That's the fifth wide receiver of the first round, and probably the most boom-or-bust of them all. Perriman has great speed and questionable hands. We'll see if the Ravens can make that work.

10:00 PM - With pick #27, the Dallas Cowboys do not swing a deal for Adrian Peterson, and instead select Connecticut cornerback/safety Byron Jones. Nobody is quite sure where Jones is going to play. . .I think he probably projects more as a safety. . .but that's the direction the Cowboys went in.

10:05 PM - Our NFC North rivals from Detroit are back on the clock at #28, and after acquiring Manny Ramirez from the Denver Broncos in their earlier trade, they go back to the offensive line well with Duke guard Laken Tomlinson. I was hoping that Tomlinson could, potentially, be a target for the Vikings in Round Two, but apparently it is not to be.

10:12 PM - The Indianapolis Colts make it half a dozen wide receivers in the first round with the selection of Phillip Dorsett from "The U." He's a slot guy, but the Colts could use someone like that. Might be a little high for him, but that's the Colts' selection.

10:19 PM - With the 30th pick, the Green Bay Packers take Arizona State safety Damarious Randall. Well, if they want more defensive backs that can't tackle, who am I to stop them?

10:25 PM - The New Orleans Saints are back on the clock at #31, and with their second pick of the first round, they turn to defense and select Clemson LB Stephone Anthony. Anthony ahead of Eric Kendricks makes me scratch my head a little, but that's not necessarily a bad selection.

10:32 PM - And with the final pick of the first round, the New England Patriots. . .who I initially read were trading their pick to the Houston Texans, but ultimately did not. . .made another good selection in University of Texas defensive lineman Malcom Brown. I had Brown going well before this, and for the Patriots to get him is a pretty decent steal. Picks like this are why the Patriots are good all the time.

And, with that, the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft is in the books. Yours truly is going to bed, but we'll have some more for you throughout the evening and into tomorrow as well. Thanks to all of you that hung out with us this evening and getting your Minnesota Vikings draft coverage from us.

The Tennessee Titans are back on the clock!