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Daily Norseman Draft Survivor: Melvin Gordon Eliminated

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Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

So, after spending yesterday mostly away from my computer, I realized that I forgot the results of the first round of our Daily Norseman Draft Survivor game. Let's go ahead and remedy that now, shall we?

It appears that fans of the Minnesota Vikings. . .or, at the very least, the readers of this website. . .are quite adamant about not selecting a running back at pick #11. The lone running back in our pool, Melvin Gordon out of Wisconsin, is the first candidate eliminated.

With 2,876 votes cast, Gordon received just under 25% of the votes with 717 selections. The next-highest total went to Miami (FL) offensive tackle Ereck Flowers, who wound up with 17% of the votes. Stanford offensive tackle Andrus Peat was the only other player to crack double digits in terms of percentage, as he came in with 10% of the votes.

The lowest vote totals went to Alabama wide receiver Amari Cooper (45 votes), Iowa offensive lineman Brandon Scherff (63 votes) and West Virginia wide receiver Kevin White (97 votes).

So, Melvin Gordon has, officially, been voted off the island by you, the people. Round Two will be up later on today, and we'll effort not to have this sort of delay again.