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Minnesota Vikings Draft Survivor: Round 2

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Elsa/Getty Images

The tribe has spoken, and they have eliminated running back Melvin Gordon from our pool of candidates for the #11 overall selection by the Minnesota Vikings, and now the time has come for the tribe to vote off another member.

The remaining candidates will be listed below, just as they were for Round 1, and remember. . .you are not voting for the candidate you would like the Vikings to select with the 11th overall pick. You are voting for the person that you want to see booted off of the fictional island so that the Vikings don't select them at all. This will continue until we get to the last man standing.

The poll will remain open for approximately 48 hours, after which time we will declare the candidate with the most votes for Round 2 and prepare ourselves for Round 3. Feel free to use the comments section to make your case for or against a particular candidate in an attempt to influence your fellow commenters.

With that, have at it, ladies and gentlemen!