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Adrian Peterson To Meet With National Football League On Tuesday

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Bob Levey/Getty Images

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has stated that he wanted to have a meeting with Minnesota Vikings' running back Adrian Peterson prior to the latter's first potential date for reinstatement on 15 April.

Per numerous sources on Twitter, including our friend Tom Pelissero, that meeting will take place tomorrow.

Peterson's suspension was voided by Judge David Doty back on 1 March, but the National Football League immediately appealed the ruling, and in the meantime placed Peterson back on the Commissioner's Exempt List. Peterson has been able to speak with the team during this most recent suspension (or whatever we're calling it now), and has had a couple of meetings with members of the organization since then.

Obviously it would be best for the Vikings if this whole thing were to get resolved on 15 April (or sooner, if the league decides to do something with this whole thing before then). If the team was going to trade him, it would likely be much easier to do so if he wasn't still under suspension. Or maybe, by now, he and his idiot agent have realized what we've been saying all along. . .that no team can pay him what the Vikings can, and that the entire situation is, well and truly, under the control of the team.

Or his idiot agent can continue saying idiot things and continue to try to portray his client as the "real victim" in all of this and the whole thing can continue going nowhere. It could really go either way, honestly.

Hopefully, one way or another, we're that much closer to finding out.