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Vikings Give John Sullivan Contract Extension

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The Vikings have rewarded their reliable center with a bigger and longer contract.

Perhaps Sully can now afford a nicer beard trimmer with his new contract.
Perhaps Sully can now afford a nicer beard trimmer with his new contract.
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

As we inch closer to the 2015 NFL Draft, the Vikings still have a lot of question marks surrounding their team. The only thing fans can seem to agree upon is that we all have very different opinions on who Minnesota should take in the first few rounds. There are plenty of question marks surrounding (but not limited to) wide receiver, linebacker, the left side of the offensive line, and cornerback. And of course there's that whole ordeal about a certain running back that has yet to be resolved.

But at least the Vikings seem to be set for the foreseeable future in one area: center. Field Yates reported that Minnesota has extended the contract of John Sullivan, locking him up through the 2017 season:

It's a nice pay bump for Sullivan, who still had two years remaining on the five-year deal he signed back in 2011. He was set to make a $4.65 million base salary in 2015 before the extension. Sullivan's cap hit this season is now over $7 million. It's a good chunk of change to throw down on a center, but few would argue that Sullivan hasn't earned it. He was the one reliable mainstay for the 2014 Vikings offensive line that was marred by significant injuries and significantly poor play. Sullivan was the highest rated player on the entire Vikings offense by Pro Football Focus last season.

According to Andrew Krammer of 1500 ESPN, Sullivan also received a fully guaranteed $1 million signing bonus and $500,000 of snap count incentives over the next two seasons. Barring injury, Sullivan should meet those incentives as the anchor in the middle of the Vikings offensive line for the next few years.