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Adrian Peterson "Highly Unlikely" To Face Further Discipline

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Bob Levey/Getty Images

According to Ian Rapoport of, it appears to be "highly unlikely" that Minnesota Vikings' running back Adrian Peterson will face any further discipline from the National Football League in the matter that finds him, once again, on the Commissioner's Exempt List.

Peterson had a four-hour meeting on Tuesday with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about his potential reinstatement. The earliest potential date for that reinstatement is one week from today on 15 April. With the 2015 NFL Draft coming up on 30 April in Chicago, Rapoport is reporting that Peterson wants a completely clean slate before the draft, which makes sense for both him and the team.

So far this offseason, the Vikings have insisted that they have no interest in trading Peterson away, even at his $15.4 million salary cap figure, and have basically stated that he will either play for the Vikings in 2015 (pending reinstatement) or he won't play in the NFL at all. Peterson's agent, Ben Dogra, apparently has a different understanding of what that means, as he insists that it isn't in his client's best interest to return to Minnesota, even though nobody can pay Peterson more than the money he has left on the remaining three years of his contract.

The fact that Peterson is, in fact, under contract to the Vikings for the next three years seems to be a minor quibble to Dogra as well, despite the fact that he's the agent that negotiated that deal for Peterson in the first place.

If Peterson's agent can stop being stupid for five consecutive seconds. . .which is a stretch. . .it appears that the way will be clear for Peterson to return to Minnesota sooner rather than later. Of course, whether Dogra stops being stupid or not, at this point Adrian Peterson's road back to the National Football League only leads to one place, and the only person that can decide whether or not that road has any detours on it is Rick Spielman. If anything were to happen on that front, you'd have to assume it would happen no later than draft day, which is a little more than three weeks away.