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Report: Preseason Schedule To Be Released Today

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If history is any precedent, by the end of the month we will know the entire National Football League schedule for 2015. However, there are rumors circulating that we could start finding out some of it today, specifically the pre-season schedule.

Kaboly is a reporter for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

We already know a small piece of the preseason schedule, as the Minnesota Vikings will get the preseason started against the team that Kaboly covers, the Pittsburgh Steelers. We found out almost two months ago that those two teams will get together in Canton, Ohio, on Hall of Fame weekend for the Hall of Fame Game.

With that game, the Vikings and the Steelers will be the two teams this season that get five games of pre-season action. Who will the Vikings go up against in the rest of the games that don't count? As soon as we find out, we'll have it for you right here.