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2015 NFL Draft: Day Two Start Time, Television, Streaming, Radio and More

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It's nearly time for Day Two of the 2015 NFL Draft, ladies and gentlemen! Tonight, we will have Rounds Two and Three from Chicago. How can you follow along with all the action? Well, we have all of that information for you right here.

2015 NFL Draft, Day Two

Date and Start Time

Friday, 1 May, 6 PM Central


Auditorium Theater at Roosevelt University, Chicago, Illinois

Television Coverage

Once again, you have two options. . .you can watch everything on ESPN/ESPN2, or you can watch it on the NFL Network.

Radio Coverage

With the Minnesota Wild set to open up their NHL Playoff series against the Chicago Blackhawks this evening at 8:30 PM Central, I'm not sure what radio coverage in the Cities is going to look like. I do know that, if you have satellite radio, you can tune to Sirius/XM Channel 88 for full coverage of tonight's festivities.

Online Streaming will continue to have full, live streaming coverage of the entire second day of the NFL Draft. If you're outside of the United States and Canada. . .I think that's the restriction. . .you can use NFL Game Pass and tune into the NFL Network's live feed. Also, if you have an XBox One, their app on the system will be streaming everything as well. Those of us with PS4s. . .well, maybe next year.

Minnesota Vikings Selections Tonight

As it stands right now, the Minnesota Vikings hold the 13th pick in the second round (#45 overall) and the 12th pick in the third round (#76 overall). Obviously this is subject to change with trades and things of that nature.

Time Limits

The picks for the second round have a seven-minute time limit on them, while the picks for the third round have a five-minute limit. The compensatory picks at the end of the third round will be allotted four minutes each.

Once again, we will have the Open Thread tonight with running commentary, as well as our men on the scene at Winter Park, Eric Thompson (@eric_j_thompson on Twitter) and Arif Hasan (@ArifHasanNFL on Twitter). The Open Thread will drop at around 5 PM Central time, an hour or so before the party gets underway. We hope to see you here then!