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2015 NFL Draft: Day Two Live Commentary and Open Thread

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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! We are less than one hour away from the start of Day Two of the 2015 NFL Draft, and the Minnesota Vikings are currently set to have two picks this evening. As it stands now, they have the 13th pick of Round Two (#45 overall) and the 12th pick of Round Three (#76 overall).

We'll get a bit of a treat tonight, with former Vikings' linebacker E.J. Henderson set to announce the team's second round selection. Also, this will be the first time the Vikings have selected in Round Two since 2011, when they drafted Kyle Rudolph at #43 overall.

Here are the Twitter feeds for Eric and Arif, who are both back at Winter Park again this evening.

We'll have more running commentary throughout the course of the evening. They might not be as frequent as last night's updates, but we'll try to keep things interesting. There will probably even be some updates on the NHL playoff game between the Minnesota Wild and the Chicago Blackhawks, which will be taking place not far from where the NFL Draft is happening this evening.

Quick refresher for some of the rules:

-No GIFs
-No huge pictures
-No spoiling of picks (reports of rumors and conjecture are okay)

We thank all of you for joining us for this evening's festivities. Get ready for what will, hopefully, be a much more exciting night of NFL Draft action than what we had for Round One.

Live Commentary Starts Here

5:53 PM Central - We're just about ready to get underway from Chicago! The Tennessee Titans are on the clock at #33. As of now, the Vikings are at #45. Might be a while. . .or there might be trades! Or they might trade down. Who knows?

6:00 PM - And we are underway, folks! Seven minutes a pick, which means by the time someone actually gets to the podium, we should be on about pick #40.

6:05 PM - We already have our first trade of the evening, as the New York Giants have moved up to the Tennessee Titans' pick at the top of Round 2. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come this evening.

The Giants get #33, while the Titans get #40 (second round), #108 (fourth round), and #245 (seventh round).

6:11 PM - And the Giants' selection is Alabama safety Landon Collins. Nice get for them, in my opinion. . .the hate for Collins around these parts was ridiculous.

6:16 PM - In case anyone's holding on to the Dorial Green-Beckham pipe dream:

Think we can safely remove him from consideration.

6:21 PM - The selections of Collins and Penn State offensive tackle Donovan Smith means there are four players left in the "Green Room" right now. They are

-Randy Gregory, DE, Nebraska
-Benardrick McKinney, LB, Mississippi State
-Devin Smith, WR, Ohio State
-Jaelen Strong, WR, Arizona State

Man. . .who would have thought a week ago that Randy Gregory could, potentially, be the last guy out of the Green Room?

6:26 PM - Two more picks in. . .the Raiders take Florida State defensive end Mario Edwards, and the Jaguars take Alabama running back T.J. Yeldon.

6:33 PM - The first wide receiver is off the board, as the New York Jets take Devin Smith from THE. . .dramatic pause. . .Ohio State University.

And it took all of 30 minutes for them to fall a full pick behind at the NFL Draft. Who's running this cluster?

6:41 PM - Another Smith off the board, as the Washington Redskins have taken Mississippi State defensive end Preston Smith. Draft falling farther behind. This is kind of pathetic on the NFL's part.

6:44 PM - The Bears select Florida State defensive tackle Eddie Goldman. The pick was announced by Dick Butkus, who is still awesome despite his Bear-ness.

6:46 PM - The Titans, with their new pick at #40, have taken Dorial Green-Beckham. They apparently did some extra work on him. New target for Marcus Mariota.

And we have our second trade, as the St. Louis Rams have moved down from #41, with the Carolina Panthers moving up from #57. In order to do so, they gave up a third-round pick and a sixth-round pick. Are we going to see something similar from the Vikings here shortly? (I hope so.)

Panthers get #41.

Rams get #57, #89 (third round), #201 (sixth round)

6:52 PM - And the guy the Panthers moved up for is. . .Devin Funchess. Apparently they feel their offensive line is going to fix itself or something.

Vikings will be on the clock here in four picks. . .barring a trade.

6:54 PM - From NFL Network's Ian Rapoport:

We may be getting a trade, folks.

7:03 PM - In the meantime, the Atlanta Falcons have taken Jalen Collins at #42, and the Houston Texans have moved up to #43 where the Cleveland Browns are.

Houston gets #43 and #229 (seventh round)

Cleveland gets #51 (second round), #116 (fourth round) and #195 (sixth round).

7:06 PM - Houston has traded up for Benardrick McKinney, so there are two players left in the Green Room. . .Jaelen Strong and Randy Gregory. Shocker there, to be honest.

7:17 PM - No trade for the Vikings after all, as they stayed in their spot at #45 and selected UCLA linebacker Eric Kendricks. We have the full story right here.

Kendricks' former teammate, Anthony Barr, seems to be in a bit of shock.

Very nice pick, in my opinion. . .fills a serious need for our favorite team.

7:32 PM - Sorry for being a bit tardy in getting updates here. Just that happy with the Kendricks pick. Vikings are up next at #76. . .guessing we're going to have to move to another thread by that time.

7:40 PM - NFL Network saying that Randy Gregory was showing up 90 minutes late for interviews with teams during the pre-draft process. Has the league ever had a guy in the Green Room on Day 3 of the draft?

7:55 PM - The Detroit Lions make a nice pick, grabbing Nebraska running back Ameer Abdullah with pick #54.

I'm thinking new thread for the start of the third round. Link will be here and in the comments section.

8:15 PM - And the Randy Gregory slide is over, as the Dallas Cowboys grabbed him with the 60th overall pick. Nobody left in the Green Room anymore.

8:32 PM - The New England Patriots select defensive back Jordan Richards, and that concludes the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft. We're moving to a new thread for the third round, and you can find it here.

See you over there, folks!