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2015 NFL Draft: Day Two Commentary/Open Thread Part Two

Blue Steel. . .GIVE ME BLUE STEEL!
Blue Steel. . .GIVE ME BLUE STEEL!
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

We're moving right along, and we've reached the start of the third round of the 2015 NFL Draft. The Minnesota Vikings, after a few rumors were flying around about a potential trade with the Philadelphia Eagles, stayed right where they were and made an outstanding pick, grabbing UCLA linebacker Eric Kendricks. The Vikings had needs at cornerback and inside linebacker coming into this draft, and they got the top guy on the board at each of those positions. Works for me, folks.

Once again, the Open Thread rules. . .

-No GIFs
-No oversized pictures
-No spoiling of picks (which is hard because the people at the draft are running WAY behind on stuff)

Here are the Twitter feeds for Eric and Arif, who are live at Winter Park once again.

As it stands right now, the Vikings' next pick is the 12th pick of the third round, #76 overall. Will they make that pick? Will Rick Spielman finally swing his first trade of the draft?

There's only one way to find out, folks. . .and that's by hanging with us!

Live Commentary Starts Here

8:40 PM - The Colts kick off Round Three with a pick they got from Tampa Bay, selecting D'Joun Smith. The Titans follow that up with Utah offensive lineman Jeremiah Poutasi.

8:42 PM - The Jaguars take A.J. Cann off the board. Was a target for some. The Vikings might have to move on to FSU guard Tre' Jackson if they want to go guard this round.

8:44 PM - Big trade here. . .the Seahawks have moved from 96 to 69 in a deal with the Redskins, and given up a fourth, fifth, and sixth in the process. Seattle must have someone they really like.

Seahawks get #69.

Redskins get #96, #112 (fourth round), #167 (fifth round), #181 (sixth round)

8:48 PM - For you hockey fans, they're less than two minutes into the game in Chicago, and the Blackhawks already lead the Wild, 1-0. That's not good.

8:50 PM - And the guy the Seahawks liked is Kansas State wide receiver Tyler Lockett. Over Jaelen Strong? Ooooooooooooooo. . .kay.

8:52 PM - And Strong goes with the next pick to the Houston Texans, who traded up with the New York Jets.

Houston receives #70.

Jets receive #82 (third round), #152 (fifth round), #229 (seventh round) and WR Devier Posey.

9:08 PM - Blackhawks 2, Wild 0. Yeesh.

Also, the Atlanta Falcons took a running back with Tevin Coleman out of Indiana. Giants on the clock now at #74, Vikings coming soon at #76.

9:13 PM - TRADE! The Vikings have traded down with the Kansas City Chiefs, dropping from #76 to #80 and picking up an extra sixth-round pick (#193 overall) in the process.

So, we'll have a pick a little later than we thought, but Rick Spielman is accumulating picks.

9:21 PM - Blackhawks 3, Wild 0 after one period of play. Yipe.

9:28 PM - TRADE! The Vikings have moved down again for the second time in as many picks, dealing with the Detroit Lions. The Vikings move down from #80 to #88 and pick up another fifth rounder (#143) in the process. So, these are the Vikings' picks right now.

#11 - Trae Waynes
#45 - Eric Kendricks
#88 (from Detroit)
#137 (from Tampa Bay through Buffalo)
#143 (from Detroit)
#193 (from Kansas City)
#232 (from San Francisco through Miami)

9:43 PM - Wild get on the scoreboard, but still trail the Blackhawks, 3-1 early in the second period.

9:57 PM - With the 88th pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Minnesota Vikings take LSU defensive end Danielle Hunter. Mike Mayock said on the NFL Network broadcast that if Hunter had gone back to school, he could have been a first round pick next year. We have more on the pick right here.

Oh, and make it 3-2, Blackhawks, after a goal by Zach Parise.

10:00 PM - Did I say 3-2, Blackhawks? What I meant was a 3-3 tie midway through the second period. Seriously, go check out Hockey Wilderness for all the craziness.

10:10 PM - And we are into compensatory pick territory, meaning no more trades for the rest of the evening and the Minnesota Vikings are done for the night.

Much earlier start tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen, as the festivities get underway at 11 AM Central time for the draft's final day. Thanks to everyone that decided to hang out with us this evening, and we'll see you back here for more tomorrow.