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Norse Code Podcast Episode 71 (Part One): The Draft and 53-man roster

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In Part One of this week's podcast, Arif and James talk about the Vikings draft class and implications for the 53-man roster.

I know the draft is over, but we had a lot to talk about! Given the length of the offseason and the lack of content, might as well listen.

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Episode Notes:

  • Here is a gallery of 1998 search engines.
  • I had a piece on Trae Waynes here, which many of you saw. It describes some of my findings with regards to athleticism and build.
  • I mentioned that Pittsburgh was possibly interested in trading up for Trae Waynes, which was reported in a few places and summarized nicely here.
  • Here's the GIF of Barr and Kendricks I mentioned:

 photo anthony-barr.gif

  • I have some Eric Kendricks analysis here.
  • Danielle Hunter here.
  • Here is the Hunter vs. Wisconsin tape - I think this is a good example of trying to figure out bad film vs. good film, in that his play was not amazing but his traits are.
  • T.J. Clemmings here.
  • Stefon Diggs here.
  • MyCole Pruitt here.
  • Darren Wolfson had a few targets mentioned for the Vikings, including Jaelen Strong as well as Benardrick McKinney. Who knows?

Hopefully, I'll get those pieces up about Jordan Leslie and Leon Mackey soon. I'm very excited about them.

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