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The Viking United States: Where Do Our Players Come From?

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Sarah Glenn/Getty Images

As we move through the off-season, the Minnesota Vikings have filled nearly all of the spots on their 90-man roster. . .at the present time, they still have one spot remaining. So, for kicks and giggles, let's take a look at where the men that currently make up the Minnesota Vikings' roster hail from.

Of the 89 players currently on the Vikings' roster, 85 84 83 of them were born within the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. The four five six that weren't?

Babatunde Aiyegbusi - Poland
Danielle Hunter - Jamaica
Linval Joseph - U.S. Virgin Islands
Jeff Locke - Germany (he's a military kid)
Tyrus Thompson - Germany (also a military kid)
David Yankey - Australia

EDITI originally had Locke's birthplace as New Hampshire. It turns out that I was half right. . .Jeff Locke was born in New Hampshire, but it was Pittsburgh Pirates' pitcher Jeff Locke, not the punter for our favorite team. My apologies for the error. As we say in the business. . .derp.

EDIT 2: It has been pointed out to me that Danielle Hunter was born in Jamaica and came to the U.S. when he was a child. The map will be corrected here in a little while. Derpy derp again. I'll keep making corrections until I get it right.

The birthplaces of the other 83 players on the roster. . .not where they went to college or anything like that. . .are represented on the map above. The darker the shade of purple a particular state is, the more players the Vikings have on the 90-man roster from that state. If you move your mouse over the state, you can get the full list of players born there.

The origins of the Vikings' roster are pretty spread out across the nation, as the roster has representatives from 36 of the 50 states, and one (Cullen Loeffler) from the District of Columbia. Not surprisingly, the most represented states is Florida with eight, with Texas and California behind them (seven each). Those three states combine to represent over a quarter of the team's roster. If we throw in Georgia (six), that's four states that comprise nearly a third of the Vikings' current make-up.

In news that will make Ted happy, at the present time Ohio has more players on the Vikings' roster than Michigan (by a tally of 4-3). Ohio could only manage a tie with Minnesota, however. And, thankfully, there's only one player from Wisconsin, and it's one of the new guys (Trae Waynes), so there's plenty of time to get him cleaned up. Also, I'd be surprised if the Vikings weren't the NFL leader in players from South Dakota, with a whopping. . .two (veteran linebacker Chad Greenway and UDFA offensive lineman Tom Farniok).

(Sadly, that's two more than North Dakota. . .where have you gone, Jim Kleinsasser?)

Staying in the Midwest, it looks like Kansas is where the old folks come from. . .the two oldest players on the Vikings' roster hail from there (36-year old Terence Newman and 35-year old Shaun Hill).

As far as any other state "rivalries," Alabama and Mississippi fight to a draw (one player each), as do Washington and Oregon (one each as well). South Carolina outdoes North Carolina (three to one), while New York and New Jersey go to a draw as well (three players each). . .and they both beat Pennsylvania (two).

Despite the fact that his Vikings' bio lists his home as Colorado, Phil Loadholt was born in Hawai'i. . .he's another military child (his father was in the Army).

But that's a look at the current make-up of the Vikings' 90 89-man roster. We'll see if we can't update this once the Vikings bring in someone to fill that final spot.

Any players from your home state (particularly those of you outside of Minnesota)? Any other cool things or anomalies that you've noticed about the roster?