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2015 NFL Draft: Day Three Commentary And Open Thread

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, everybody! After staying up late. . .sort of. . .the past couple of nights, the action gets underway early at the 2015 NFL Draft this morning. Remember, the Minnesota Vikings will be making their selections today from the site of their new stadium (and they got a pretty nice day for it), and teams across the league will be making selections from various sites around their local areas and even around the globe.

As it stands right now, the Minnesota Vikings have six picks in the final four rounds of the draft. Their first (scheduled) pick is the eleventh pick in the fourth round, #110 overall. Here are the rest of their (scheduled) picks today.

Round 5, Pick 1 (#137 overall)
Round 5, Pick 7 (#143 overall)
Round 6, Pick 17 (#193 overall)
Round 7, Pick 11 (#228 overall)
Round 7, Pick 15 (#232 overall)

Today we only have one person at Winter Park. . .Eric couldn't make it in today, but Arif is still there holding it down for us. Here's his feed from the Twitters.

And remember the rules for our Open Threads here.

-No GIFs
-No oversized pictures
-Try not to spoil picks (though rumors and conjecture and stuff are okay)

The live commentary for today will be at the bottom. Refresh occasionally to get the newest stuff.

It's the last day of the 2015 NFL Draft, ladies and gentlemen, and our favorite team should be pretty active this morning and this afternoon. Let's kick back and enjoy it!

Live Commentary Starts Here

10:06 AM Central - I know some folks were wondering about taking a flier on La'el Collins. Here's a bit from's Gil Brandt.

Collins has said that if he gets selected today, he won't sign. If he goes undrafted, he will be a UDFA and will be unable to enter next year's draft. If he does get drafted and doesn't sign a contract, he can enter the NFL Draft in 2016.

So there's that. Knowing that, I'd be stunned if the Vikings took a flier on him today.

11:00 AM - And here. . .we. . .go! The Tennessee Titans are currently up with pick #100. Vikings' first pick is due to come up at #110.

11:10 AM - And the Titans turn away. . .reportedly. . .a big trade offer from the Seattle Seahawks to stay at #100 and select Auburn DT Angelo Blackson.

11:14 AM - We have our first trade, as the Carolina Panthers have made another deal to move up, this time dealing with the Oakland Raiders at #102.

11:32 AM - Randall McDaniel will be introducing a foreman from Mortensen Construction at the site of the Vikings' stadium, and the foreman will then announce the Vikings' next selection. Pretty awesome, I think.

11:40 AM - And with that pick, the Minnesota Vikings get a huge steal with Pittsburgh offensive lineman T.J. Clemmings. Clemmings was a projected late-first, early-second rounder, so getting him in the fourth is huge. We have more on the pick right here.

Vikings next pick is currently scheduled to be the first pick of the fifth round, #137 overall. They're also scheduled to be on the clock at #143.

12:19 PM - The second member of the Minnesota Golden Gophers is off the board. . .and it's not running back David Cobb. It's linebacker Damien Wilson, who goes to the Dallas Cowboys at #127.

12:49 PM - TRADE! Rick Spielman has his ten picks, as the Vikings have made a trade with the Atlanta Falcons to move down in the fifth round and pick up an extra sixth-round pick.

Here are the Vikings' current picks.

#143, #146 (fifth round)
#185, #193 (sixth round)
#228, #232 (seventh round)

1:16 PM - The Vikings' two fifth-round selections are in, as they've selected Southern Illinois tight end MyCole Pruitt and Maryland wide receiver Stefon Diggs. You can look at a bit about Pruitt here, and a bit about Diggs here.

1:31 PM - Vikings aren't set to be on the clock again until #185. Seems like a good time to grab a beverage or something to eat or something, if you're so inclined.

2:09 PM - Well, as long as we've got a bit of a break, let's move things over to another thread, shall we?

See you over there, folks!