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Welcome To Our Two New Front Page Writers

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Here at The Daily Norseman, we're constantly striving to bring you the best coverage of the Minnesota Vikings that you can find anywhere. To that end, we are happy to welcome two brand new front page writers to our writing staff.

One of the writers is one that our frequent commenters will recognize, that being the man known as "wludford." He's done plenty of quality FanPosts on our site, and he has graciously accepted our request to be a front page contributor to the site.

Our other new writer is someone that you might recognize from other Vikings' websites across the internet. He is Jackson McIntire, and he has produced Vikings articles for numerous sites, including Vikings Territory and The Viking Age.

We're very excited to add both of these gentlemen to our already outstanding group of writers, and are very much looking forward to them continuing to bring their well-established level of excellent work to all of you right here at DN. You can also follow both of them on the Twitter at @jackmack28 and @wludford.

So, welcome to Jackson and wludford as front page contributors!