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Report: Minnesota Vikings Not A Finalist For Hard Knocks

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Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The National Football League could have compelled the Minnesota Vikings to appear on the HBO series Hard Knocks, which follows an NFL team through Training Camp. However, according to a report from CBS Sports, there have been three finalists chosen, and our favorite football team is not among them.

According to CBS Sports, the three finalists for the spot are the Houston Texans, the Washington Redskins, and. . .in a bit of a surprise. . .the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills were not on the list of teams that could be compelled by the National Football League to do the show when we did our original post back in January. However, after hiring Rex Ryan as their head coach, apparently the league. . .shockingly. . .is attempting to play a little bit fast with the language behind that. Ryan, who previously coached the New York Jets, is a new coach to the Buffalo Bills, but he's not a "first-year" NFL head coach. Still, the Bills are having to adapt to Ryan's system after moving on from former coach Doug Marrone, which makes it a bit of a surprise that they're being considered.

Of course, the NFL could avoid that entirely by simply picking either of their other two "finalists" in Houston or Washington. That would make sense but, well, this is the National Football League we're talking about.

But those of you that were hoping to see Mike Zimmer cursing up a storm or how Adrian Peterson works his way back into the team after the events of last season are, apparently, going to be disappointed.

Teams that have made the playoffs in the last two years are not eligible to be "compelled" to do Hard Knocks. So, hopefully 2015 will be the last year for a while that the Minnesota Vikings could potentially be made to do so by the league.