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Some Random Vikings' OTA Notes

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Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

We don't actually have anyone at the Minnesota Vikings' OTAs this week, but that doesn't mean that there isn't information out there to be had. Thanks to the magic of the Twitter, we have things to chew on for a while (outside of Mike Zimmer cordially inviting Adrian Peterson to engage in sexual relations with himself).

A lot of what we've seen today focuses on the offensive line. We'll start with a player that a lot of folks have plenty of concerns about, and with good reason.

We've seen plenty of stories before about Kalil's difficulties in gaining weight, and it's been thought that he's actually been playing in the 295-pound range, despite being listed at 308. While in some respects it's good to see Kalil at a higher weight, considering the issues we've been hearing about Kalil's knees so far this offseason, it's easy to speculate that it might not be the best thing for him. But, Kalil has said that his knees feel as good as they've felt in a long time. . .yet another story to monitor as we go through OTAs.

Who's going to be playing next to Kalil at left guard?

The Vikings seem to be set on moving Fusco to the left side, and as a result the battle for a starting spot may be over on the right side. Clemmings played the right side exclusively in college, and Zimmer and company appear to want to keep him over there. Yankey, on the other hand, played on the left side during his time at Stanford and. . .well, didn't play at all as an NFL rookie.

And we have a defensive tackle that's made a conversion to guard, too. Not something you see every day. As CCNorseman said on the Twitter. . .MOAR GUARDS!

Of course, we'd hate to let this go by without our mandatory Teddy Bridgewater update. Apparently the Vikings' newest addition at the wide receiver spot is a fan.

Isn't it nice knowing that quarterback isn't an issue for this team any more?

From what I can see on Twitter, some of the players that sat out today's session included linebackers Anthony Barr and Gerald Hodges, as well as defensive ends Brian Robison and Everson Griffen.

We'll try to fill you in on as many tidbits of information as we can find over the course of the Vikings' Organized Team Activities.