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Norse Code Podcast Episode 72: The Wrong Advocate

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Adrian Peterson forced James into doing a podcast episode or something, so here you are (plus a mailbag that covers basics of the Zimmer defense, as well as the guard battle).

More Adrian Peterson talk, but also we talk about other things. We promise.

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Episode Notes:

  • Oh, hey it's the Contract With America
  • The NCAA gives you your odds of playing in the NFL if you play in high school, sort of. It's 0.08 percent... but actually less given that they are using total participation and not new blood blood versus turnover.
  • Great story from Matt Vensel (not Ben Goessling, as I say in the podcast... sorry Ben) on Cordarrelle Patterson working with Hell's Trainer.
  • Here's a great piece from Jason Fitzgerald at OverTheCap on the weird contract situation for NFL players and how they relate to other sports.
  • Whenever someone brings up Miracle Whip I can only think of this comic from the Oatmeal.
  • I could link you directly to the rejected submissions for UND's new nickname, but Deadspin (and the comments section) does a great job finding the best ones.

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