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Minnesota Vikings Draftees (and Some Others) Get Uniform Numbers

Trae Waynes won't wear #1 for the Vikings. What number will he wear?
Trae Waynes won't wear #1 for the Vikings. What number will he wear?
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

I know that this is a big thing for some folks, so let's get into it.

Today is the day that the ten members of the Minnesota Vikings' draft class of 2015 got their uniform numbers. One of them we knew already, that being first-round pick Trae Waynes being given #26. (Gee, no pressure or expectations to live up to there, eh?) Apparently it has to do with Waynes wearing 15 in college and being the 11th pick in the draft. . .15+11=26.

I don't think the rest of the numbers have any sort of backstory like that behind them. But, per Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press on the Twitters, here are the rest of the numbers for this year's rookie class:

Eric Kendricks - 54
Danielle Hunter - 99
T.J. Clemmings - 68
MyCole Pruitt - 83
Stefon Diggs - 14
Tyrus Thompson - 72
Austin Shepherd - 74
B.J. Dubose - 90
Edmond Robinson - 40

Some of the veteran players that the Vikings have signed this offseason have gotten uniform numbers as well. They are as follows:

DeMarcus Van Dyke - 37
Jalil Carter - 39
Babatunde Aiyegbusi - 69
Brandon Bostick - 81
Shaun Hill - 13
Casey Matthews - 59
Taylor Mays - 42
Kevin McDermott - 47
Mike Kafka - 4 (insert "Metamorphosis" joke here)
Terence Newman - 30
Caesar Rayford - 91
Mike Wallace - 11 (pretty sure we already knew this one)
DuJuan Harris - 20 (I'm not sure if I'd get a custom jersey of this one)

I believe that covers everyone that wasn't a member of the Vikings when the offseason started. If I missed anyone, feel free to put them in the comments below and I'll add them in.