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Teddy Bridgewater Helps Start The Kentucky Derby

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed it with all the NFL Draft excitement and everything else, there was a little horse race this weekend known as the Kentucky Derby. It's mostly an opportunity for people to wear ridiculous hats and drink mint juleps, but there is some actual horse racing involved. The home of the Kentucky Derby is Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

Say. . .do we know anybody with close ties to Louisville, Kentucky? I'm pretty sure that we do!

B.J. Dubose, come on d. . .

Oh, right. . .this guy, too.

Yes, that was our good friend Teddy Bridgewater giving the "Riders Up" call before the start of the Run for the Roses. Pretty nice little honor for a man that's quickly becoming one of Louisville's favorite sons (if he isn't already. . .he probably is).

And I'm no fashion critic or anything, but man. . .Teddy's suit game is strong. I mean, I damn sure wouldn't be able to pull that off, but that is a fine piece of formal wear right there.