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Report: Ben Dogra Under Investigation By NFLPA

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Bob Levey/Getty Images

With his inability to force the Minnesota Vikings to deal running back Adrian Peterson, you would think that everything may have finally settled down a bit for superagent Ben Dogra.

You would think that. And, apparently, you'd be wrong.

There hasn't been a whole lot of word, to this point, on what those violations are. If one of them has to do with not being a gigantic jackass, it would appear that he violated that rule long ago.

If these violations are serious enough, there's a chance that Dogra could face some sort of suspension by the NFLPA. They recently took similar action against a man named Marc Lillibridge.

On April 27, 2015, the NFLPA Committee on Agent Regulation and Discipline ("CARD") imposed discipline on Marc Lillibridge for committing actions that adversely impact his ability to serve as a Certified Contract Advisor and for being in violation of provisions of the NFLPA Regulations Governing Contract Advisors ("Regulations").

After extensive investigation and pursuant to the "extraordinary circumstances" provision in Section 6 (B) of the Regulations, CARD has immediately suspended Lillibridge's certification due to repeated violations of a serious nature.

There were plenty of folks that were calling for Peterson to fire Ben Dogra this offseason. If these violations turn out to have any merit, the NFLPA may end up making that decision for him.

Might explain why Dogra was attempting to get his client another big payday, no?