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Mike Wallace Says He's The NFL's Fastest Man

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Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings made a trade for wide receiver Mike Wallace this offseason in the hopes that he could provide the sort of deep threat that has historically thrived in Norv Turner's offensive scheme. With the (likely) return of Adrian Peterson and the continued development of Teddy Bridgewater, Wallace could have a real chance to return to the form he showed in Pittsburgh after a couple of down years with the Miami Dolphins.

Despite his numbers seeing a decrease during his time on South Beach, Wallace is making it known that there's one thing that hasn't decreased. . .his speed.

"Without a doubt, I'm the fastest player in the NFL,'' Wallace told the Pioneer Press. "If somebody feels foggy about that, we can (race). I'm never going to back down from competition.''

. . .

"I've run a lot of routes and I've got a lot of miles on my legs, but I still feel that there's nobody (in the NFL) who can run with me,'' said Wallace, acquired in March from Miami. "I might have slowed down a little but I could still run 4.25.''

For the record, the fastest 40-yard dash time at this year's NFL Scouting Combine (where players six or seven years younger than the 28-year old Wallace were participating) was a 4.28, turned in by J.J. Nelson of Alabama-Birmingham. Wallace feels that he's faster than that, and for all we know he could be.

If Wallace can return to the form he displayed as a member of the Steelers, where he averaged a little more than 17 yards/reception over four years, the Minnesota Vikings' offense will make huge strides in 2015. A field-stretcher like Wallace could really open things up for players like Charles Johnson, Jarius Wright, and Kyle Rudolph. The Vikings have a quarterback that is completely capable of taking advantage of an array of targets like that. . .none of whom will likely see double coverage if Peterson returns to form after a year off.

Hopefully, Mike Wallace turns out to be as good as Mike Wallace seems to think Mike Wallace is.