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La'el Collins To Sign With Dallas Cowboys

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Well, everyone can officially stop asking about La'el Collins now.

Per Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the man that went from being a (potential) top ten pick in the 2015 NFL Draft to going completely undrafted, will sign with the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys, who already have the NFL's best offensive line, have added another pretty significant piece. With the signing of Collins, they wind up with (essentially) three first-round prospects from their draft class this year with Collins, defensive end Randy Gregory (who was a first round pick that fell to the second with off-field issues) and defensive back Byron Jones (who they actually drafted in the first round).

Collins was cleared of any wrongdoing in the investigation of the death of a former girlfriend, and was also taken out of consideration of being the father of the child she was pregnant with when she was killed. That left him free to sign with anyone he wanted after he went undrafted, and with just about every team in the league (reportedly) in pursuit of him, he has apparently chosen to head to Jerryworld. I don't know how serious a chance, if any, the Minnesota Vikings had of signing him, but that chance is now 0%.

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