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Minnesota Vikings Waive Five Players

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Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings came to terms with ten undrafted college free agents the other day, as we reported. That would have given them 95 players, so they had to waive five of them to get down to 90 before the start of this weekend's rookie camp. The team has just released the list of the five players that have been waived.

Those five players are

S Ahmad Dixon
RB Henry Josey
TE Ryan Otten
OT Antonio Richardson
G Austin Wentworth

There were some folks out there harboring hopes for Richardson, who was placed on IR last year after requiring surgery on both of his knees. But he, along with Wentworth, apparently became expendable with the drafting of three offensive line prospects last week, and he is no longer with the team.

Dixon and Josey were both on the 53-man roster for the season finale against Chicago last year, while Otten spent last season on the Vikings' practice squad.

So, now the Vikings are down to the required number of 90 players going into this weekend's camp.