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Teddy Bridgewater Goes To The Prom

Since the Minnesota Vikings drafted him in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, fans of the team haven't had any real reason to be anything but impressed with quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. So, as we get ready for his second season at the helm of our favorite football team, you may have found yourself wondering at various points, "Can this guy get any more awesome?"

And the answer is yes. . .yes, he can.

On Friday night, Teddy found himself back in Louisville, but for reasons one might not immediately expect. He was taking a young lady by the name of Ashley Davis to her prom at the Christian Academy of Louisville. According to WDRB in Louisville, this date was quite a length of time in the making.

Bridgewater first met Ashley and her family during his freshman season at the Belk Bowl. He happened to run into her father, J.P. Davis, on an elevator in the team hotel. Ashley, who had long since decided Bridgewater was her favorite player, had been waiting in the lobby for two hours to see him.

When J.P. asked Bridgewater if he wouldn't mind meeting her, he said sure. When Ashley got off the elevator and rounded the corner and saw Bridgewater talking to her father, she cried.

"I was impressed that he waited," Davis said. "He seemed happy to do it."

When Bridgewater was in Louisville earlier this year, Ashley's mother, Julie, ran into him, and brought up the idea of prom. Bridgewater was receptive, and when the dates worked out, Ashley had a date. But she didn't know it.

And, when he was asked about it, Bridgewater gave the kind of answer that. . .well, read it for yourself.

Davis said he picked up Bridgewater and his advisor at the airport and asked him on the ride to his home, "Aren't you nervous? This is a little bit unusual."

"I don't get nervous," he said Bridgewater told him. "And you know what, I believe him."

I know we gush a lot about #5 around these parts, but you know what? There's a really, really good reason for it. This is the sort of thing that guys like Bridgewater don't have to do, and when they do it, it's not about them.

The Minnesota Vikings and their fans truly deserve to have a guy like Teddy Bridgewater as the face of this franchise. And make no mistake, that's what he is. There isn't a better choice to lead this team into a new era than this guy.

Though it's a shame he didn't bust out the same suit he wore to the Kentucky Derby to prom.

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