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30 Day Challenge, Day 10: Who Would You Cheer If There Were No Vikings?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Well, after further review, perhaps doing a "hate" week or "dislike" week wasn't the wisest of moves. After the response to yesterday's topic, and a desire to not try to drag things down further, I'm calling that off. (I can do that, it's my challenge.) For today's topic, I'm going to go back to things that will hopefully bring about some slightly more positive response and reaction. Here's what we've got.

Let's say that, hypothetically, the Minnesota Vikings were to simply disappear tomorrow. (Don't think about that part for too long. . .it will only make you sad.) Of the remaining 31 National Football League teams, which one would you feel the most comfortable cheering for if you didn't cheer for the Minnesota Vikings? I know that it wouldn't be the same as cheering for the purple and gold, but if you were going to pick someone, who would it be?

While I don't have a "second favorite" team or anything like that, largely because I think such things are preposterous. . .you either have a favorite, or you don't. . .there's one team that I can think of that I've come to respect quite a bit over the time that I've been an NFL fan. That team is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

For most of the time that I've been an NFL fan, the Steelers have been a pretty solid team. They're a team that seems to be in contention more often than not, and they're a team that really doesn't panic if they hit a bump in the road. After all, there's a reason that only three different head coaches have walked the Pittsburgh sideline since 1969.

The Steelers also, for my money, have the best fan base in the NFL (present company excluded, of course). There isn't a fan base in the league that travels the way Steeler fans do, and in the time that I've been part of SB Nation and running this web site, the Steeler fans have always been great to deal with.

To be totally clear on this, as long as the Minnesota Vikings are in existence, I'm going to be a fan of the Minnesota Vikings. (And since that nice, new stadium is going up in Minneapolis right now, that's going to be pretty much forever. . .suck it, haters.) But if, for whatever reason, the Minnesota Vikings ceased to exist, I'd probably end up migrating to the black and gold of Pittsburgh.

How about you? Which team do you think you'd find yourself cheering for if you weren't a fan of the Minnesota Vikings?