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Adrian Peterson Not Expected To Receive Any Preseason Carries

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Because they'll be in the Hall of Fame game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on 9 August, the Minnesota Vikings will be one of two NFL teams that will play five games this NFL preseason.

Running back Adrian Peterson is reportedly not going to see carries in any of them.

Peterson hasn't had a preseason carry since 2011, and even though he's seen live action only once since December of 2013, the team doesn't think he's going to need to knock any rust off or anything like that. Mike Zimmer all but confirmed that yesterday.

"I probably don't see that, no," Mike Zimmer told the St. Paul Pioneer Press on Wednesday when asked if Peterson could take preseason snaps. "We're talking in June, so you can't hold me to it, but he's carried the ball a lot (in his eight-year career) and he's going to continue to carry the ball a lot. He'll get plenty of looks and reps in practice."

From all accounts, Peterson has looked good in OTAs despite his extended absence. If the Vikings are going to be relying on him a lot, it's probably best to save him for Week 1 in San Francisco. I'm guessing this doesn't come as a surprise to that many people, but with not a whole lot going on at this point, news is news.