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Tom Johnson Found Not Guilty In Disorderly Conduct Case

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Last October, Minnesota Vikings' defensive tackle Tom Johnson was arrested at a Minneapolis steakhouse and charged with several offenses, including trespassing and disorderly conduct. After details of the arrest came out, the entire thing seemed a little fishy.

Said fishiness was confirmed today, when Johnson was found not guilty on all of the charges brought against him from the incident. Johnson's attorney said after the hearing today that Johnson intends to file a civil suit against the Minneapolis Police Department.

After being signed on the cheap last offseason, Johnson played well enough to earn himself a three-year deal with the Vikings this offseason. He figures to once again be a big part of the rotation at the defensive tackle position.

I wouldn't expect Johnson's acquittal to get a whole lot of attention outside of Minnesota. After all, it's much easier for "journalists" to scream about a Viking getting arrested than it is for them to actually say that said Viking did nothing wrong.

But, in this case, that's exactly what happened.