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30 Day Challenge, Day 14: The Best Vikings Five Years From Now

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

When you interview for a job, one of the questions that's commonly asked is "Where do you see yourself in (x number) of years?" As we continue to push through the 30 Day Challenge, today's question asks you to adopt that type of mindset.

In your opinion, who do you think will be the five best Minnesota Vikings five years from now?

Here's what I think the list would look like if we could jump in the DeLorean and get a look at the team's preparations for the 2020 NFL season.

1) Teddy Bridgewater, quarterback - I've talked a lot about Teddy lately, so I'll just say it like this. If Teddy Bridgewater is not the best player on this team in five years, I think it would be a pretty monumental upset.

2) Xavier Rhodes, cornerback - By this time, Rhodes will be entering his eighth season and will turn 30 years old just before the start of training camp. He will have seen every trick in the book by then, which could make up for any potential decline in physical skills he might be experiencing at that age.

3) T.J. Clemmings, offensive line - Surprised to see him this high? Consider that the guy was a projected first-round pick that only fell to the fourth because of injury "issues" (that he says aren't an issue. . .and the Vikings apparently agree) and that prior to that he had only been on the offensive line for two years. I don't know what position Clemmings will be at by that time, but I think he'll be an indispensable piece of the Vikings' offensive line.

4) Sharrif Floyd, defensive tackle - No, he won't be getting arm extensions or anything like that, but he's finally getting the technique down and showing why he was projected as a top-five overall pick in the 2013 draft before falling into Minnesota's lap. Defensive tackles can be good for a long time in this league, and with Floyd just starting to scratch the surface, I think he'll be at that level by this time.

5) Anthony Barr, linebacker - I wanted to cheat and put both Barr and Eric Kendricks here, but if I had to pick one, I'd go with Barr. He has all of the athletic skills to do a lot of things from the outside linebacker spot, whether it's in coverage or rushing the passer, and that sort of versatility will make him a guy that offensive coordinators need to game plan around for quite a while.

So, who do you folks think will be the five best Minnesota Vikings five years from now?