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U.S. Bank Stadium To Be Included In Madden NFL 16

Kat Bailey

This past week, the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo. . .more widely known as E3. . .was held in Los Angeles. E3 is a showcase for all of the good stuff that is coming soon to the world of video games. One of the things that came out of the showcase is news about this year's Madden NFL release and, specifically, the Minnesota Vikings.

Thanks to Kat Bailey from U.S. Gamer (among other places), we have a couple of pictures of Electronic Arts' rendering of U.S. Bank Stadium, which will be included as a part of Madden NFL 16. The first picture is the one at the top of the story there, and here's the other one.

U.S. Bank Stadium Madden 16 #1

Looks pretty sweet, from what we can see of it. It's a bit of a surprise that the game has made it into this year's version of Madden, given that the real thing won't be ready to go until this time next year. It appears to be the only new stadium that will be in this year's version. The new stadium that the Atlanta Falcons will call home, which is set to come online in 2017, will not be included in this year's game.

Also not included in the game is the ability to move the Vikings to Los Angeles, which will no doubt come as a blow to the legions of idiots that think the team will still be moving there.

From what Kat states in her article, Madden NFL 16 is the most polished version of the franchise to come out in some time. It's been awhile since I bought a new version of Madden, but if U.S. Bank Stadium is going to be in there, I might be tempted to pick up this year's version for the ol' PS4.

Thanks to Kat for allowing us to use her pictures in our article.