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Watch The Adrian Peterson/Mike Zimmer Press Conference At 2:30 PM Central

Yeah, I had a FanShot for this earlier, but then I found out that KSTP was going to be carrying the press conference live and they have an embeddable video player for it, so why not bring it here?

Yes, after much hoopla, after his first day with the Minnesota Vikings since 12 September of last year, running back Adrian Peterson will be having a press conference at Winter Park at 2:30 PM Central time (approximately half an hour from right now). Head coach Mike Zimmer will also be there, and while we don't know what exactly is going to be said, it's almost certainly going to be interesting.

Right now, nobody knows if Peterson will be taking any questions from the media. We can safely assume that Zimmer will be, but we'll have to wait to find out what happens.

So, sit back, grab a beverage and watch the presser live from Winter Park, ladies and gentlemen. We'll be here as well.