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30 Day Challenge, Day 21: Most Underrated Minnesota Viking

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Three full weeks of 30 Day Challenge posts will be in the book with this selection, ladies and gentlemen, and we're back on our own roster to answer today's question.

Who, in your opinion, is the most underrated current Minnesota Vikings player?

I had to think for a while about this one, as there are a few options on the roster that I can think of. But given his production over the past couple of seasons and the fact that he's gone relatively noticed at his position this offseason, I would have to say the most underrated current Viking is wide receiver Jarius Wright.

Wright is going into his fourth season with the Vikings, and the final year of his rookie contract. He was second on the team in receiving yardage last season with 588, and he did have a few really big plays. . .not the least of which was this one.

But Wright has been largely overlooked this offseason within the current cast of Vikings' wide receivers. The team cut Greg Jennings and made a trade for Mike Wallace, which has gotten a lot of attention. We've had the ongoing saga of Cordarrelle Patterson and whether or not he can bounce back from a hugely disappointing 2014. Another young receiver, Charles Johnson, is getting a lot of steam as a potential breakout candidate for 2015, and the team drafted the potentially electrifying Stefon Diggs in the fifth round last month.

And then there's Jarius Wright. Nobody is really talking about him, but he has as good a chance as anybody to put together even bigger numbers in 2015.

Wright has mainly been portrayed as a slot receiver due to his size, but he's had big catches from all over the formation in his three years as a Viking. He's got good hands and is very good with the football in his hands. He may be getting lost in the shuffle a little bit this offseason, but by the time September rolls around, I think a lot of people are going to know who he is.

He might not be "underrated" for much longer, but as it stands right now, I think that Jarius Wright is the most underrated current member of the Minnesota Vikings.

Who ya got, everybody?