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So, Yeah, Josh Robinson

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Welp, this is what happens when I step away from the computer for a couple of hours.

It's been a whole week since the Minnesota Vikings finished their pre-Training Camp workouts, and things had been relatively quiet on the purple front. Until cornerback Josh Robinson logged on to Twitter today.

Yeah. . .that's Robinson comparing same-sex marriage to pedophilia and incest in less than 140 characters.

I want to make something clear here. . .as an American, Josh Robinson has the right to say whatever he wants whenever he wants to say it. People may agree with it. . .people may not agree with it. But as things stand right now, you and I and every other person in the United States of America has the right to say whatever they want, no matter how unpopular it might be or how offended anyone might be by it. Contrary to what some may have you believe, offending your fellow man is not, generally, a criminal act.

On the other hand, what none of us have is freedom from backlash or freedom from consequences for what might come out of our mouths or across our keyboards. And, boy howdy, there's going to be backlash coming Josh Robinson's way for this. He's already seeing it on social media, as you'd probably expect. And just like Robinson has the right to express any opinion he likes, other people have the right to voice their support or opposition to that opinion.

Frankly, I'm not getting my guidance on same-sex marriage. . .or, you know, anything really. . .from Josh Robinson or from any other member of the Minnesota Vikings or from anyone else. If you are. . .well, sorry about that, I guess.

Will it affect his standing with the team? Well, the folks at The Viking Age did a post about that subject before this incident occurred, and were wondering whether or not Josh Robinson was going to make the team or not in the first place. And they're exactly right.

With the emergence of Xavier Rhodes, and the additions of Trae Waynes and Terence Newman, Robinson is probably the team's fifth cornerback. . .at best (behind Rhodes, Waynes, Newman, and Captain Munnerlyn). The Vikings also have an intriguing possibility in undrafted free agent Justin Coleman, and you know that when the dust settles, Marcus Sherels is going to be part of the battle for a roster spot coming out of camp. Robinson really hasn't seen a lot of time on special teams, either, which would lower his value compared to some of the other players that might be fighting for spots.

And lest we forget, this team has the spectre of the entire Chris Kluwe brouhaha and the bad PR that brought still fresh in their minds. If it's a close battle between Robinson and a guy like Coleman or Sherels or whoever, the team could use this as a sort of "tiebreaker" to cut Robinson loose. Particularly given the vote of support that owner Zygi Wilf reportedly gave to Kluwe. I'm not sure if his timing could possibly have been any worse, but it is what it is.

I'm sure we haven't heard the last of this story yet. Hooray.